• Frankie

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“Frankie’s universe is fragmentary, messy and imperfect, but also cinematic, humorous and moving. On the stage, the interaction between the live music and the mechanically powered installations creates an expanding scene in which shrill guitars, noise, screeching, worn-out puppets, fishing line and wood play the leading parts. Ranging from utter failure to tropical idyll, the cheerful naivety of Laguna Beach is always disarming.” 


Frankie is Brecht Hayen (he/him), Vincent Lynen (he/him) and Simon Lynen (he/him). The trio combines music, video and image resulting in audiovisual performances. 


In March 2019, their first performance Laguna Beach (produced by CAMPO) premiered with the support of De Brakke Grond & deBuren. This production was shown at CAMPO, Tweetakt Festival (Utrecht), Pop Arts Festival (De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam), Love at First Sight (Antwerp), Kaserne Basel (Basel), Leietheater (Deinze), Spielart (Munich), KAAP (Bruges), CC De Kimpel (Bilzen), 30CC (Leuven), Festival Actoral (Marseille), CC Stroming (Evergem), De Nieuwe Vorst (Tilburg), Flatpack Festival (Birmingham)... 

Laguna Beach was also selected for the Young Work of the Flemish TheaterFestival, and was nominated for the 'Grünschnabel 2020 award' of the Figura Theaterfestival Baden out of 75 international entries. 

Thier newest creation L.I.A.R., that premiered in the spring of 2023, forms a laboratory that focuses on experimentation and observation. In their second collaboration with CAMPO, several workers operate analogue equipment, instruments and installations. Like Laguna Beach, the performance is a mix of video, music, installation, models and performance.