DE HOE is an intergenerational, interurban theatre play and workshop with a home base in Antwerp and Ghent.   

DE HOE is a fusion - or rather a joint forging - of the former Compagnie de KOE and Hof van Eede, two related leading collectives. Every year and a half, the permanent core of DE HOE is supplemented by a young collective.  

DE HOE makes and stages performances / builds up a working group on writing, text and dramaturgy in cooperation with CAMPO at the BOMA site in Ghent / supports another young collective every year and a half / curates and digitises a repertoire of more than 80 plays.   

DE HOE understands theatre production as making material public, and the discussion of that material, in various forms and stages: this can therefore be a performance, but also the public reading and discussion of scenes where the ink is still wet, deleted scenes that we offer digitally, streamed 'scripted podcasts'. A production by DE HOE is thus a constellation of different kinds of material, rather than 'the performance'.   

DE HOE is Ans Van den Eede, Greg Timmermans, Natali Broods, Peter Van den Eede, Wannes Gyselinck, Willem de Wolf, Carine van Bruggen and Mitch Van Landeghem.  

THE HOW is The Independent Ensemble.