Steaming beats. Melting bodies! Your most frenzied party of the year is all the way back after more than two and a half years. 

On 9 December, Lieselot Siddiki, Jarne Van Loon (Nachtzwemmen) and Jérôme Depriestre will take you on a night cruise with darkrooms, crazed exes and (Tila) tequila. The evening will open with A Shot At Love, a dating show hosted by Susan from Grindr and Doctor Love where some crazy performers will compete for your heart.

Expect the unexpected at this hit show that will seamlessly transition into a dizzying nighttime trip curated by Lippstick.

Tickets available from October 31 at 2 pm for performance (standing audience) + party!
Note: limited capacity. In contrast to previous editions, reservations for the party are a must!


CAMPO is a safe space: do you have something to report? Our staff is available all evening in case of unwanted experiences.




Visit out production page for more information!