Arts platform Nein develops experimental production and presentation formats for performance, visual arts and music. Interdisciplinary, solidarity and unconventional, Nein enters into a dialogue and offers a fresh breeding ground for makers and their audience. Nein is an artist run organization under the wings of host Laurens Mariën.

In the program series Sc(è)enes, initiated by Nein, the title has three meanings. The first concerns the scene as a playing floor. But a scene is also part of a performance: a piece(s) that must be viewed. Finally, we read the word scene in English: a group of people with shared (aesthetic) preferences or ways of life.

With Sc(è)enes, Nein presents works that are too short, too small, too young, too slow, too visual or too performative, or all this combined in evening-long happenings in which all different forms and intermediate forms are combined. In concrete terms, Sc(è)enes takes shape for a year as a monthly program that alternates between Kunsthal Gent and CAMPO and flies to other locations (TBC).

Made possible with the support of the Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia and the Flemish Government.