Mid-October, Nein would like to welcome you to Sc(è)ene #9 - Howling Days, a 2-day mini festival at CAMPO victoria and Kunsthal Gent where various falsets of the voice take centre stage! Featuring Colin Self, Stina Fors, The Zangles, Mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni, Hyeji Nam, MSTEAZAH and Enesi M, among others. 


Colin Self (USA) - XOIR
21/10 - 11am - Kunsthal Gent - workshop 

Colin Self commutes between Berlin and New York and has already collaborated with several greats (a.o. Holly herdon). He has also made his own albums (Siblings, Orphans EP) and worked on several performances. With XOIR, he offers an alternative group singing class for anyone interested in exploring their voice! 

Send an email with your name and Phone number to neinarts@gmail.com to join.

Colin Self can also be seen on 19 & 20 October in DOOM, the second part of Teresa Vittucci's trilogy around the ode to vulnerability exploring the origins of the Feminine. More info via CAMPO shows! 

Stina Fors (SE) - A Mouthful of Tongues
21/10 - 8.30pm - CAMPO victoria - performance 

Stina Fors is a choreographer, performer, drummer and singer.

In the performance A Mouthful of Tongues, the mouth becomes the theatre. Experimental vocal techniques such as growling, ventriloquism, tongue exercises, dinosaur sounds and more create a journey in which many bodies and sounds are brought into dissociative relationships

The Singing Class
21/10 - 9.45pm - CAMPO victoria - performance 

The Zangles is an international and motley crew of female artists, theatre-makers and musicians based in Antwerp.  9 female egos with big ideas and small voices combine their singing urges: will it be a musical? Will it be a raffle? Nobody knows! One thing is certain: it will be much fuss about nothing.

Mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni, Hyeji Nam, MSTEAZAH and Enesi M - ZENSITIVE
22/10 - TBC - Kunsthal Gent - performance

Zensitive is a meditative experience composed with sound, visual art, body and breath that puts the performers and the audience in the state of euphoria and dysphoria.

The emphasis is on the ritual aspect of bodies, bodies that are an object, a sculpture, an abstraction of emotions and perceptions. Zensitive invites performers and audience to interact and practice slowing down. 


With the support of the Flemish Government 


Nein is a curatorial platform led by artist/curator Laurens Mariën. On his search for alternative exhibition formats (architectural/conceptual) he connects various art forms and professionals, creating emerging programs.
For the festival Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Gift Shop Mariën transformed together with curator Adriënne van der Werf the CAMPO victoria site into a wellness resort with performances, visual arts, debates, music and whirlpools. Nein also developed earlier - in collaboration with Leontien Allemeersch - the project On Ice, an expo on an existing ice ring in Ghent. Both projects were supported by CAMPO. In the past he also worked together with architect Joris Kerremans from collective F.O.T.A..

Kunsthal Gent is an experimental intersection for the presentation and development of contemporary art, located in a monumental fourteenth-century Carmelite monastery in the centre of Ghent since 2018.