This month several CAMPO shows are touring around Europe again, and sometimes even beyond! 



While Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere are still in the middle of a long tour with their most recent work Out of the Blue (26, 27 & 28 October at CAMPO nieuwpoort), they are also touring with Pleasant Island, their previous show. This month, they travel from Bonn (Germany) to Hoeilaart

In September, Kim Noble performed Lullaby for Scavengers for the third time on our own stage, but the show also went to London where it was programmed for nine (!) days in an almost sold-out Soho Theatre. Due to success ánd rave reviews (as reported in The Guardian *****, among others), Noble returns to Soho again in March and April, this time for an even longer run. Before we get to that point, Prague and Leipzig are up for grabs in October!

Ambient Theatre Fury, the most recent work by Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms is in Marseille this month as part of Festival Actoral. The show premiered at CAMPO last March and has since passed through Antwerp and Ostend (as part of TAZ#2022). After Marseille, the duo will briefly cross the border to Germany, before returning for performances in Bruges, Beveren, Brussels and also Amsterdam.

This week, the Frankie boys are in Evergem for the last Laguna Beach of the year! Meanwhile, the Frankies continue working on their latest work, Life is A Rehearsal (working title), after an intensive rehearsal period and enthusiastically received show moment. Premiere 16 & 17 March 2023 at STUK (Leuven), 29-31 March at CAMPO! 

Also preparing for his new work is Jaha Koo. With Lolling and Rolling, Cuckoo, The History of Korean Western Theatre and the trilogy of which all three performances are part, The Hamartia Trilogy, he is currently touring the world from Canada over Europe to Taiwan. This month, he stays a little closer to home with Cuckoo in Porto. His new creation is scheduled for 2023.

Finally, Julian Hetzel and the Mount Average-team are also on tour this month, more specifically in Dublin as part of a three-day theatre festival. The performance, which premiered in 2020, takes the form of an installative performance in which the theatre-maker takes us on a factory tour that confronts us with our own ideologies.