Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO

"It is hard to get a grip on artist Sarah Vanhee, but what she does, she does brilliantly and artistically." De Morgen enthusiastically looks ahead to the premiere of Mémé at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts on 12 May. Vanhee's latest performance (to be seen at CAMPO* this autumn) "evokes the spirit of her two grandmothers and questions their servitude - and with it the undervalued role of now still many women. Mémé promises to be a tragicomic solo with guest appearances by puppets, ghosts and children." VRT NWS and De Standaard also tip Vanhees' new solo performance.

12, 13, 14 & 16 May, Kunstenfestivaldesarts 
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Maxim Storms

In all his work, Maxim Storms gives voice to characters who try or resent 'impossibility'. In NUGGETS, he (de)constructs the individual who holds his own in today's we-want-more society on speed. Accordingly, De Standaard describes him as "one of a kind". "His grotesque movement language, nonsense wordplay and unerring sense of timing make him a contemporary jester, his humour as slapstick-like as it is dark."

2 & 3 Mon, CAMPO nieuwpoort, 20:30


The Devils / Les Diables
Krapp & KVS

De Standaard tipped De Duivels / Les Diables because of Krapp's award-winning and original theatrical texts, as well as the company's talent for transforming the stage into "a fascinating early modern world in which theatre, science, magic and occultism still intermingle". Moreover, as an audience, you will be confronted with a society in crisis of faith during one of the most infamous witch trials in history!

10, 11 & 12 May, CAMPO nieuwpoort, 20:30