For the very last TAKE OVER #9, Kavka heads to DE BOMA with curator Kapinga Muela Kabeya. Kapinga would like to take you on a quest to collect all kinds of food resources. This way, we will get to know each other and the neighbourhood of DE BOMA better.

Kapinga Muela Kabeya (she/her) was born in Ostend. Her work is more about who she is as an artist and where she can appropriate and make a place for herself as a woman and person of colour. An eclectic visual artist whose work explores the dialogue between people and food. Together with Kapinga, there will be six days of work around food.

You can! And it's completely free. Are you between 16 and 35 years old? Then fill in THIS FORM so we can get to know you! Be sure to keep one of these days free: Monday 6 February (16u-19u30), Tuesday 7 February (16u-19u30), Wednesday 8 February (14u-19u30), Monday 13 February (16u-19u30), Tuesday 14 February (16u-19u30) and Wednesday 15 February (14u-18u). We will send you soon an e-mail with more details.