Each season the TEATRE LLIURE (Barcelona) organizes creative exchange residencies. This year the collaboration takes place with CAMPO, and the chosen artists, Nico Jongen and Lisa Vereertbrugghen.

Nico Jongen proposes Cantus Gestualis#2: Behind the scenes, a conceptualization and research project that follows the formal and narrative steps he has carried out since the beginning of the Trilogia del fill. His project will revolve around corporality, representation and the figure of old age.

Lisa Vereertbrugghen will be in the middle of creating a group piece on the notions of folk dance and (hardcore) techno, and will embrace the connection between these two areas questioning their political identity.

Both artists will spend a month of residence hosted in each facility and, between March and May, there will be at least one open session of the process at the Lliure.