Lullaby for Scavengers - Kim Noble's success show starring a talking squirrel, stuffed fox and writhing maggot - is getting an extra sequel. Stephen and David Dewaele (akaSoulwax / 2manydjs) collaborated with the British comedian on a soundtrack that has now been released on limited cassettes.

The cassette features a continuous 21-minute mix of 7 new tracks, featuring spoken word elements from Kim Noble. It is available via DEEWEE's webstore, at CAMPO for 10 euros and during the shows on tour.


"Myself and squirrel are delighted about this album. Stephen & David Dewaele have taken their original music for the theatre show Lullaby For Scavengers, removed all the theatrical elements, like the lightning, the smoke machine and the bit about sewers but adding more sound. Thus making it soooooo much better. Because let's face it... theatre is just fucken rubbish and this sounds amazing", says Noble.


Stephen and David Dewaele about the collaboration: "It's very possible that describing on the internet what happens in Lullaby For Scavengers is a violation of the terms of use of everysocial media site. There's just no other voice like Kim Noble's in the world of comedy, and it was an absolute thrill to write and record the score for this unique tale of foxes, squirrels and maggots.


The show was selected for The Theatre Festival 2022 and was programmed nine times in September last year at a sold-out Soho Theatre in London, earning rave reviews in The Guardian and The Times. De Standaard, De Morgen and Focus Knack also had nothing but prais for Lullaby. The performance was also included in their end-of-the-year lists. March 2023 saw the start of the play's second series at Soho. This time it was seen there for no less than 19 times.