Benjamin Verdonck already delivered gems at CAMPO in the past with notallwhowanderarelost and We don't speak to be understood (with Pieter Ampe), next week he returns with the magical double bill Rainbow & Waldeinsamkeit

"This is pure enjoyment, letting yourself get caught up in the hazy colours and lights. Exciting, captivating, so soothing. Enchantingly beautiful, to become totally detached from the world." 

- Theaterkrant


On the one hand, Benjamin Verdonck takes you into a magical machine that seems to operate itself in darkness. Waldeinsamkeit forms a baroque miniature of light and dark with an incantatory soundtrack. A magical machine that does seem to operate itself in darkness. In a few minutes, let yourself be enchanted by this Wunderkammer with faint colours, shutters opening and closing, light, dark and lots of strings. 

On the other hand, Regenboog ("rainbow") deals with the refraction of light, as the latest newcomer in Verdonck's ever-expanding repertoire of mobile viewing boxes. Two opposites, evenly matched and together an extraordinary pair.


You can find more information about the performance here