From Vienna to Istanbul and from Brussels to Utrecht to finally end up in Singapore. Discover CAMPO tours in May!


Lullaby For Scavengers
Kim Noble / CAMPO

A fox, a maggot and a (singing) dead squirrel are Nobles' companions in his quest for friendship and acceptance. A performance about big feelings, wishes and dreams, fear and loneliness, as well as humour. In May, the performance will play three nights at the Danaufestival in Austria. 

Pleasant Island
Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO

In Pleasant Island, Silke & Hannes use their personal smartphones to draw the audience in with sound recordings and images from their research on Nauru, an island often seen as a parable for our current world. The place was hit hard by the impact of colonisation, capitalism, migration and ecological depletion whose consequences still reverberate today. How do we deal with the limits of a world that remains determined to seek endless growth? What idea of the future remains on Nauru and in the rest of the world? This month in Istanbul. 


Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO

Mémé, Sarah Vanhee's new solo, has already been tipped in De Morgen, De Standaard and VRT NWS. With the arrival of this new performance, she adds a new creation to her long-standing collaboration with CAMPO, from which performances such as Turning Turning (a choreography of thoughts), Lecture For Every One, Oblivion and Unforetold have previously emerged. Premiering this month at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels, afterwards to be seen in the programming of Wiener Festwochen. 


She was a friend of someone else
Gosia Wdowik / CAMPO

Polish theatre-maker Gosia Wdowik is a new name to be discovered at CAMPO. Wdowik graduated from DAS Theatre in Amsterdam and is currently based in Amsterdam and Warsaw. In She was a friend of someone else, she explores the link between burnout and activism: the fear that rights cannot be acquired for life, and the moment someone is not paying attention, they can disappear. The performance is the result of a close collaboration between CAMPO and Polish NOWY TEATR and, like Mémé, will premiere at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. The performance can also be seen at the Spring Performing Arts Festival in Utrecht in May. 


Ambient Theatre Fury
Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms / CAMPO

An abundance of connection, but a lack of dialogue, which is where ever-increasing digitalisation seems to drive us. We see the other primarily as a possible reflection and confirmation of ourselves. Using diverse text material, often digital 'readymades' or templates, Anna Franziska Jäger and Nathan Ooms in Ambient Theatre Fury seek out the extremes of dialogue, from endless mirror to possibility of contradiction. This month, the performance is part of Spring Performing Arts Festival in Utrecht, together with She was a friend of someone else by Gosia Wdowik, CAMPO & Nowy Teatr. 


Lolling & Rolling / Cuckoo
Jaha Koo

In May, Jaha Koo will play the first two parts of his Hamartia Trilogy at the Singapore International Festival. In between touring, he is working on a new creation at CAMPO, scheduled to premiere in spring 2024. This autumn you will get a taste of this work-in-progress and he will bring the entire Hamartia Trilogy to Ghent! 

*More info on the complete autumn edition of CAMPO will follow.