Lullaby for Scavengers
Kim Noble

A fox, a maggot and a (singing) dead squirrel are Nobles' companions in his quest for friendship and acceptance. A performance about big feelings, wishes and dreams, fear and loneliness, as well as humour. In June, the performance will play two nights in Thessaloniki.

Sarah Vanhee

Mémé is a solo performance by Sarah Vanhee, with guest appearances by puppets, ghosts and a child. An intergenerational, multi-layered and plurilingual work about the relationship to the ancestors, to the (native) soil and to the female body, starring the spirits of Vanhee's West Flemish grandmothers. This month in Montréal.

Jaha Koo

In bittersweet and humorous dialogues, Jaha and his clever rice cookers take you on a journey through the last 20 years of Korean history, combining personal experience with political events and reflections on happiness, economic crises and death. This June in Hängo, Finland.

Out of the Blue
Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere

After their acclaimed performances Mining Stories and Pleasant Island, Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere present the final part of their trilogy on mining. This time they focus on a completely new industry: deep sea mining. With resources on land becoming increasingly scarce and overexploited, mining companies turn towards the ocean. This month in Dunkirk.