This autumn, CAMPO takes you on a trip across the performing arts landscape, from Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost exploring our (limited) freedom in the face of technology to Gosia Wdowik giving a voice to the women who are opposing the ban on abortion in Poland.

Jaha Koo returns with the screening of his full Hamartia Trilogy, and Louis Janssens, Julian Hetzel and Nathan Ooms are also back at CAMPO.

Before we close the year, Lisa Verbelen & Hendrik Lasure and Johannes Is Zijn Naam treat you to another musical week in December.


Discover the fall program of CAMPO!



Mémé - Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO
With Mémé, Sarah Vanhee presents an intergenerational, multi-layered and multi-lingual work about the relationship to ancestors, to the (birth) soil and to the female body, starring the spirit of Vanhee's West Flanders grandmothers, who like many women of the time spent most of their lives on 'labour' - in the two meanings of the word: bearing and raising children and working in the home and 'in the fields' - always in the service of others.

18, 19 & 20 Oct, 20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort

She was a friend of someone else - Gosia Wdowik / NOWY TEATR & CAMPO
She was a friend of someone else was made in a country where women have limited access to contraceptives and where abortion has just been declared illegal. In the performance, Gosia Wdowik explores the link between burnout and activism: the fear that rights cannot be acquired for life, and the moment someone is not paying attention, they can disappear. Using a personal story, she describes the commitment to women's rights in Poland.

14 & 15 Dec, 20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort



All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace - Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost
In All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost explore freedom and unfreedom in relation to technology, by staging Richard Brautigan's 1967 poem of the same name.  
 Machines, medicine, algorithms: much new technology seems to be (labour) disciplining or aimed at social control rather than giving us new forms of freedom. Does this mean Brautigan's dream is dead? Are we already living in a totally perverted realisation of it? Or does the freedom promised in his dream still contain potential? 

11, 12 & 13 Oct, 20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort


UP YOUR ASS - Nona Demey Gallagher & Lieselot Siddiki
Nona Demey Gallagher & Lieselot Siddiki adapt Up Your Ass, Valerie Solanas' infamous 1965 comedy. It has had a controversial status in the feminist (queer) community for years, but is now seeing the European theatre light for the first time. In a series of absurd (anti-)intellectual debates about gender roles and society, beliefs are shamelessly spat at each other - resulting in unthinkable and grotesque situations.

8, 9 & 10 Nov, 20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort



Lolling and Rolling, Cuckoo & The History of Korean Western Theatre - Jaha Koo / CAMPO

South Korean theatre producer and composer Jaha Koo presented his completed Hamartia Trilogy for the first time in 2021. Lolling and Rolling, Cuckoo & The History of Korean Western Theatre are three intelligent documentary theatre performances, each telling a story about hamartia, Greek for 'tragic mistake'. The common thread in the trilogy is the far-reaching imperialism of the past and present, and its sometimes unexpected personal impact. Each time, Jaha Koo interweaves his personal stories with historical, political and sociological facts. Often themes that involve a clash of Eastern and Western culture: from the clipping of tongue belts to succeed it in the West, to the heavy personal toll of Western meddling in macroeconomics. 

Lolling and Rolling / Cuckoo: 16 Nov, 19:00/20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort
The History of Korean Western Theatre: 17 Nov, 20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort

Buy a combo ticket for the entire Hamartia Trilogy for €35. The performances from the trilogy can also each be attended separately. 



TWO. Is not a solo - Lisa Verbelen & Hendrik Lasure / BOG. & Het Zuidelijk Toneel
After her solos ONE. and ALL., Lisa Verbelen is not making a solo this time. In TWO. she forms a duo with award-winning jazz musician Hendrik Lasure. Expect a musical and theatrical concert, words and music you feel and think, as hard as soft, as dark as light, with smoke and fire, water in the desert, not ugly, not beautiful, totally yin and yang, about you and me. 

6 Dec, 20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort

Johannes In The Theatre - Johannes Is Zijn Naam
You may know Johannes Verschaeve as the pleasantly deranged frontman of the late The Van Jets, with whom he made just about every major stage unsafe. Now the Ostend resident from Ghent surprisingly makes his solo debut as Johannes Is Zijn Naam ("Johannes Is Him Name"). In Johannes In Het Theater ("Johannes In The Theater") he slips his solo act into the theatre, with even more room for words, images and act. More stories. More fog. More getting lost.

8 Dec, 20:30, CAMPO nieuwpoort