From Rome to Marseille and from Warsaw to London. Discover CAMPO tours in September!

Lullaby for Scavengers
Kim Noble / CAMPO

Kim Noble and his faithful companions - a fox, a dead squirrel and a hundred or so scavengers - play one last night at the Homo Novus Festival in Riga this month.


Jaha Koo / CAMPO

Jaha Koo and his clever rice cooks are also heading to Riga this month, after which they will play three more nights in London at the invitation of the London International Festival for Theatre.


Mining Stories
Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO

The first part of Silke & Hannes' Mining Trilogy plays in Rome at the beginning of September, during the Short Theatre Festival.


Mining Trilogy
Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO

After Italy, the maker duo will head to Nitra (Slovakia), where they will reprise their full Mining Trilogy at the local theatre festival.


She was a friend of someone else
Gosia Wdowik / NOWY TEATR & CAMPO

The team of She was a friend of someone else returns to NOWY TEATR in Poland this month. After premiering at the last Kunstenfestivaldesarts, the show will play for the first time at the place where it was made.


Frankie / CAMPO

The boys of Frankie head to Marseille for another edition of Festival Actoral, with their newest performance L.I.A.R.


Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO

Sarah Vanhee also joins Frankie's colleagues in Marseille with her new show Mémé


Mount Average
Julian Hetzel / CAMPO

Julian Hetzel and the whole team behind Mount Average conclude a busy month of touring in Vilnius at the invitation of Sirenos 2023, the city's international theatre festival.