There it is, CAMPO's new beautiful Spring program. Six months full of festivals, young work, premieres ánd the party of a lifetime. 

We start the new year by exploring the boundaries of contemporary circus: Marius Lefever, Jef Van der Burght & Senne Vanderschelden, Rachid Laachir and Geert Belpaeme deliver stunning theatre during the surprising Smells Like Circus.

No shortage of festivals this year, because as the days get longer, the second edition of GIF - Ghent International Festival also awaits you. The full programme will be launched on 22 January, but we are already giving you a sneak peek. And yes, especially for the festival, we are also reshaping the legendary CAMPO Party!

There is also new CAMPO work in the pipeline: Jaha Koo will premiere Haribo Kimchi during Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Lisa Vereertbrugghen brings a folk rave to Ghent with While we are here, and we introduce Katy Bairds Get Off - our first collaboration with the British artist.


Discover the full programme here!


Image: Bea Borgers