A generous city festival for a fantastically uncertain future


Now that less seems possible in these strange times, six Ghent-based cultural organisations gather forces for a unique city festival: NO(W)WORRIES. Together we propose an ambitious and generous programme with new works by exciting artists and projects that defy the current mood. In that way, NO(W)WORRIES proposes alternatives for the mess we’re in. Expect engagement, a sense of collaboration and new perspectives on a fantastically uncertain future. 


NO(W)WORRIES features new stage works by Simon Allemeersch, Luanda Casella, Jozefien Mombaerts, Kim Noble, Mohamed Toukabri, Bryana Fritz, among others, bringing new narratives and diverse views on a somewhat new world. 


Several projects take place outside the black box, entering the public space or using different formats. Kubra Khademi takes over the streets of Ghent in collaboration with refugees. David Weber-Krebs and Sarah Vanhee release publications that make you look at the future and question the present times. Julian Hetzel asks for our radical trust at the entrance of his parcours where art, society and politics intertwine. Anna Boghiguian opens a new exhibition which observes the human condition through works that are both poetic and political. And there is more than this in the program. Generous, we say.


During Nightshift, organised by Gouvernement and co-created with artists collectives OperaBallet Vlaanderen, Decoratelier Jozef Wouters, Leaving / Living Dakota, Mama’s Open Mic, House of Lux, Zuidpark, Bebe Books and La S Grand Atelier, we invite a diverse mix of artists in a multilayered, safe and experimental space in the maze of the Ghent Opera building.


Hospitality is at the core of NO(W)WORRIES, so let us make this a festival where we learn how to come together again, in a safer and warm environment. We warmly invite you to join us, despite the troubles we’re in. Let’s make NO(W)WORRIES, together with you, the artists, the partners and the staff, a space for hope, joy, inspiration and rage.


NO(W)WORRIES is a collaboration between Arts Centre Vooruit, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and S.M.A.K.. From October 28th until November 7th, in the city of Ghent.

Discover the full programme from Sep 23rd on nowworries.be.