• Lullaby for Scavengers - Kim Noble / CAMPO

    © Studio Narki

  • Lullaby for Scavengers - Kim Noble / CAMPO

    © Studio Narki

  • Lullaby for Scavengers - Kim Noble / CAMPO

    © Studio Narki

  • Lullaby for Scavengers - Kim Noble / CAMPO

    © Studio Narki


Lullaby for Scavengers.
A lullaby is a soothing song.
Scavengers eat dead animals.

Kim Noble's ex-lover and co-host is an angry dead squirrel. 
The angry dead squirrel can talk.
The piece is quite funny.
The piece is about grand feelings.
For example, people's fear of loneliness.
It is also about our wishes and dreams. 

Kim Noble is an English cult comedian/artist.
He lived in a sewer and in a tree.
He got a very important theatre award in England. 
His performances are humorous, but the squirrel doesn’t think so.
The performances are also about serious things. 
Like death and friendship.


Kim Noble is an award winning comedic performance and video artist. His multi-disciplined approach has led him to work across theatre, TV, film, art and comedy. Kim’s work uses a provocative and humorous style to expose the human condition: notions of death, sexuality, gender and religion are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity. He has a girl’s name and no longer smells of wee.

He was one half of Perrier Award-winning, BAFTA-nominated experimental art-comedy duo Noble and Silver. At CAMPO, he previously created Wild Life FM together with Pol Heyvaert and Jakob Ampe. 

IN ENGLISH / duration: 70 minutes


One of the most beautiful, funny and moving plays of the year.

Knack Focus - Els Vansteenberghe,

A crazy, disgusting, delightful, intelligent and radical experience... A macabre fantasy of the highest order.


a provocateur with a cause

parallexi - Penelope Hatzidimitriou,

Lullaby for Scavengers is a strikingly beautiful hour, as Noble struggles to live among humans as well as some unloved members of the animal kingdom (foxes included) and seems to question: who’s the real vermin here?

interview The Guardian - Brian Logan ,

It’s grisly, gimmicky, sometimes repulsive, sometimes operating in the grey areas of both morality and legality. It’s also bold, funny, wildly inventive and finally rather gorgeous.

The Times - Dominic Maxwell,

Baden mit Maden

Leipzieger Volkszeitung - Dimo Rieß,

I'm not afraid to shock people, but I do make sure that I always have enough money with me to pay back a number of tickets.

Gijs Suy interviews Kim Noble on the occasion of The Theater Festival 2022,

'Lullaby for Scavengers' thus confronts us with the fragility of the condition humaine, with loneliness and death in a quirky absurd-humorous way.

pzazz - Siebren Nachtergaele ,

Crazy and wonderful!

Tribune de Genève - Katia Berger ,

Sublime depiction of a deeply tragic search for acceptance.

Theaterkrant - Nuno Blijboom,

Lullaby for Scavengers is a collage performance with ingeniously constructed storylines and characters, but its dramaturgical tightness has an organic and self-evident origin: the utterly self-evident observation that Kim Noble is none other than Kim Noble.

Etcetera - Evelyne Coussens,

Brilliant according to some, disgusting according to others, unforgettable either way. London artist, comedian, provocateur and poetsman Kim Noble sings his Lullaby for scavengers. 'We are all vermin.'

De Standaard - interview Ann-Sofie Dekeyser,