CAMPO is a Ghent and internationally oriented arts centre that develops, produces and presents innovative and daring forms of contemporary (stage) art. It is at once an antenna, catalyst and instigator of innovative artistic quality that is locally embedded, nationally relevant and globally resonant.

CAMPO is an incubator for artists and arts organisations. Through talent and trajectory development, dialogue, flow and participation, we are a connecting hub in an ecologically conceived artistic network.

CAMPO crosses generations. A focus on new voices and space for established names reinforce each other. CAMPO aims to surprise, move, reflect and engage (inter)national audiences by bringing together innovation and experience in theatre, dance, performance and crossover. It develops and opens up oeuvres.

CAMPO is a driver of cooperation. It forges alliances inside and outside the arts sector. From an artistic heart, it generates social connection, urban embedding and (inter)national dialogue.

CAMPO aims to be a reflection of a multi-voiced society both on stage and in terms of its audience. It breaks and opens frames of thinking and listens to makers, society and audiences, with both feet in reality.



CAMPO makes, shows and supports contemporary performing arts that open the eye to the world and opens the world to new forms and ideas. We stand for artistic renewal with an eye for a changing world.

CAMPO opts for plurality in voices. In terms of generations, ways of thinking and ownership. Among makers, staff and audiences. We therefore also make room for new voices, averse to age. Space for what is unseen or unheard.

CAMPO provides safety for artists at all stages of their careers to work freely, fail and try again. We also stand for reliability and dialogue as an international production and distribution partner.

CAMPO works on sustainability in all its functions. It combats fragmentation and creates opportunities for growth.

CAMPO stands for generosity. It offers new discoveries and experiences to both Ghent and international audiences, as well as national and international partners, and deploys maximum flexibility for makers.

CAMPO has a barrier-reducing effect. Through low ticket prices, an informal atmosphere, numerous collaborations and projects or interventions outside the theatre hall, it makes performing arts accessible to diverse audiences.