During this fifth open house you discover the collaboration of ONBETAALBAAR and Sint-Rafaël, an institute for people with a visual impairment. On a regular base they worked at CAMPO boma on their new creations.



In different workshops you’ll get the chance to get in touch with a wide range of original crafts. Curious about techniques like re-caning and rushing? In CAMPO boma they’ll learn you the skills.

Join one of the workshops where you can – for example – create mystic masks with Sara Dykmans or make your unique lamp out of plastic bottles. Or are you in need of an original present? Translate your love letter (or any other messages) in braille.

In collaboration with CAMPO, COLLECTIEF TEXTIEL, Sara Dykmans (Wilde Vlechten vzw) and Manoevre.


14u00 – 20u00