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  • Hind Eljahid - © Gilles Fischer

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Respect yo sistaa! is a brand new hip-hop festival with a focus on female artists. Be prepared for some dance, slam poetry, workshops, rap, beatbox and performances by artists such as Soe Nsuki, Les Mybalés, Yiphun Chiem, Nephtys and Dj Kisa for everyone who’s willing to participate. That is exactly what hip-hop is all about: exchanging, giving and sharing with respect.

Together we stand is Karim Kalonji and Sam De Waele. They created a platform for young breakdancers, but other elements from hip-hop-culture – graffiti, mc’ing, dj’ing – can be found in their projects.


 FRIDAY APRIL 5, 2019 


On Friday there is an evening program hosted by Soe Nsuki. Tickets: 10€ / 8€

Soe NSuki is a Belgian b-girl, stand-up comedian and dj. In 2011, she was awarded the title of best b-girl in the Benelux. Today, she is mainly active as stand-up comedian.

20:00: Guess Who: Opening game with Soe Nsuki + mystery artists

Two candidates who don’t have anything to do with hip-hop have to guess the discipline of each of the four women on stage.

21:15: slam performance by Miss Groggy 

21:45: Dance performance A travers l'autre by Les Mybalés

Twin sisters Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu, aka Les Mybalés, are familiar faces. These hip hop dancers pair elegance and grace with moments of violent intensity. As twins, they feel connected by a shared history and a deep complicity. For À travers l’autre they set out to investigate the meaning and symbolism of ‘twinship’ in various cultures. Their investigation has sprouted a poetic performance, that draws you into the extraordinary universe of these sisters.

(Duration: 25 min)

Afterdrink in Foyer



Host: Mahina Mahogany

On Saturday we start with three workshops, for all of you starting from the age of 8. Register for the workshops through info@campo.nu

You can choose from:

1. Graffiti-workshop by Mick La Rock: Mick La Rock is one of the very first and most famous female graffiti-artists, and displays her visual work worldwide. 
(20€, including material)

2. Hip-hop workshop by Betty Mansion: Betty Mansion is a Belgian choreographer. After working for various artists, hip-hop shows, musicals and international workshops, she decided to create her own company with whom she has been touring for a year. Through this one, she is developing her new research which she names "Play Me a Dance". During this workshop, the focus will be on the intention of the movement. An encounter between the rhythmic aspect of hip-hop culture and the lyrical feeling of contemporary dance.

3. Hip-hop workshop by Rabina Miya: Rabina Miya is a hip-hop dancer and performer, currently studying drama in Brussel Ritcs. Her workshop Foundation of movement centres around the search for basic movements deeply connected to one’s own personality.


17:00-19:00: Open mic young and old performing rap, dance, beatbox, drama ...
There will be a live band led by Joram Kunde aka Kunde Beats (Big Whoop), accompanying the rappers and dancers.


Yiphun Chiem - Apsara (dance)
Apsara is a dance performance by Yiphun Chiem from 2007. In this autobiographical solo, she mixes hip-hop with traditional Cambodian dance to tell the story of her parents, who had to leave Cambodia because of the terror of the Red Khmer.

20:30: Exhibition battle by Rabina Miya & Betty Mansion
An exhibition battle does not have a jury, nor a winner: the dancers just show one another and the audience what they have in store.

21:00: Slam door Hind Eljadid

21:30: Nephtys – concert
Nephtys (Caro Hakim) is an urban artist in Brussels. Born mixed-race from a Syrian father and a Belgian mother, she grew up under their artistic influence. From Classical to Neo-Soul/R&B, a bit of Hip-Hop, a bit of Jazz, singer and talented rapper, Nephtys, switches musical genres with ease. She wants to share her optimism, despite the hardships of life.

22:00-00:00: Dj Kisa
DJ Kisa is a hip-hop dj from Ghent with an international career.

During the day:
Soul food (Jungle Jane) + Artist Jimmy Steen’s customized caps + expo