• © Derk Stenvers

  • © Derk Stenvers

ARIANE is the daughter that Nancy (a South-American woman) never had. Nancy wrote a diary for ARIANE while she was inside her womb without knowing that she would be a boy. 28 years after the birth, Nancy crossed over the Atlantic to reveal the existence of the diary to her son.

ARIAH LESTER takes the words of his mother’s diary and creates songs out of them. A space of (in)betweenness: monstrosity / beauty, feminine / masculine, light / darkness, ARIANE / LESTER / ARIAH.

A piece about metamorphosis and shading, something more like a long poem; in between a concert and a a theatre piece, a one-man-show-opera and a burlesque act created in collaboration with light designer Katinka Marac

A curse needs to be broken. 

A piece of the family tree needs to be cut and taken-off the earth by it’s root. 

The garden of House needs to be cleaned and watered so that the roses can grow. 

I’m the hero, 

I’m the healer, 

I’m the traveler. 

I exiliated myself to the biggest journey of my life. I went far. 

I crossed oceans and lands of mystery.

A journey so far out: to go to the deepest space within.

I forgot my tongue and my color, I became something else, a caricature, a sketch, a monster… to find… 


IN ENGLISH / 75 minutes

! Included in the ticket price: FILMS: Jamaica, a year ago (Lara Verheijden) & Clive: my holiday lover in Jamaica (Amanda van Hesteren): 20h




ARIAH LESTER shows a versatile, intelligent personality; he creates confusion, makes people think and touches.

Jury Sabam Young Theatre Prize TAZ 2017,