During the After Summer School, participants from different art schools (ánd external participants) get to know 20 experienced artists from close by. They spend every day with a different artist and learn how they work and think. Every evening, in CAMPO victoria at 8 pm, curious spectators can have a peek too.

Want to participate? Contact manuel@campo.nu. Price = €200 (incl. food)


Nadia Beugre + Heleen Debruyne + Yves Degryse (BERLINberlinberlin.be) + Sien Eggers + Paul Elliman + Xavier Mary + Sarah Moeremans & Joachim Robbrecht + Mathias Ringgenberg (aka PRICE) + Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert + Kate Isobel Scott + Frank Vander linden (De Mens) + Sarah Vandeursen + Hannelore van Dijck + Louis Vanhaverbeke + Alexander Vantournhout + Lisa Vereertbrugghen + Lara Verheijden + Dries Verhoeven + Thomas Verstraeten + Arkadi Zaides


Mon 16

Sarah Vandeursen
Kate Isobel Scott
Heleen Debruyne
Sien Eggers


Tue 17

Paul Elliman
Joachim Robbrecht & Sarah Moeremans
Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE
Lisa Vereertbrugghen


Wed 18

Hannelore Van Dijck
Alexander Vantournhout
Yves Degryse
Thomas Verstraeten


Thu 19

Frank Vander linden
Robbert & Frank Frank&Robbert
Arkadi Zaides
Lara Verheijden


Fri 20

Louis Vanhaverbeke
Nadia Beugré
Xavier Mary
Dries Verhoeven

MON SEP 16 > FRI SEP 20 at CAMPO victoria e.g.