EL NACIMIENTO or [REBIRTH], a Telenovela in 13 Acts, is a concert; a dance musical and video work. A piece that researches the miracle of giving birth: to a child, to a thing, to an idea, to something. An act that carries within both, pain and beauty.

In the search for the place where everything begun we travel far into our memory, into the past. We travel so deep until reaching a point that’s even before the moment of our own birth. What's there, were we already there before everything begun?

In a world of rebirths and reincarnations, like a snake shades the skin time after time, we shade body after body. We have been carried along and now is our time to carry what others have carried before. But what is it that we are carrying? Perhaps we carry a spirit and our mission is to accomplish something that someone left half way completed.

Two of these bodies, two carriers (Ariah Lester and Aymará Parola) go in the quest of looking for the beginning of it all. Through dance and singing they shade their bodies, their identities, they channel other carriers: Nina Simone, Mercedes Sosa, Miriam Makeba, Diamanda Galas, Nina Hagen or Mary of Nazareth.