• EL NACIMIENTO or [REBIRTH], a Telenovela in 13 Acts - Ariah Lester & Aymará Parola

Ariah Lester is a Venezuelan choreographer who had a modern dance training, but today creates shows in Europe that mix performance, music & video work. The Argentinian performer Aymará Parola has been dancing with the international company Ultima Vez for years, and now adventures in her first co-creation. In EL NACIMIENTO or [REBIRTH], a Telenovela in 13 Acts, they team up to take us on a quest to the origins of everything. In this journey they approach politics from the perspective of the subconscious, tapping into a wide range of crossing-over topics that have a tremendous influence in the way we create and look at performance art. A show about oppositions coming together, about strength and fragility, belonging and being different, about cultural values and believing systems, where dance and music take the leading roles in a dreamlike setting.

Just like snakes, they peel off layers from their bodies, revealing identities hidden behind identities. In the same way, the space sheds layers like an onion. Layer after layer, each one of these 13 short acts re-dimensions our understanding of the piece as a whole, taking us on a journey of surrendering into the unknown. In EL NACIMIENTO, Lester & Aymará conduct a research into reincarnation and the miracle of birth: to a child, to a thing, to an idea, to something. An act that carries within both pain and beauty.