March (November version)

March (November version) is a groovy and psychedelic dialogue. It is based on a conversation between writer, actress & director Nathalie Rozanes (ex WIPCOOP), dancer & choreographer Elizabeth Ward and a soundscape of Frédéric Altstadt. It is a safe moment between friends in these fucked up times asking: What’s the architecture of our relationship? What voices do we carry? Where do we come from and where are we going?



During daytime, discover W I P C O O P: this platform on the lookout for new urban artists, will present work-in-progress by unknown talent. March was also shown in an earlier version at W I P C O O P. Third time in Ghent, first time in CAMPO. New urban talents show their works in progress and take the audience on the magical journey of their creative process. A selection of professionals from all over the country engage into conversation with the artists for an hour after each showcase. During that time the audience can attend inspiring pitch breaks about innovative artistic initiatives in the city.


THU 28 NOV – 20:30 – CAMPO victoria

 W I P C O O P – 10:00 - 17:00 – CAMPO victoria