ODE TO THE ATTEMPT is a new solo that Jan Martens created for himself. It is a featherlight and humorous deconstruction of the creative process. When creating an art work – wether it is a painting, a performance or whatever other medium – the artist goes through different stages. These stages become overwritten, because they are ‘inadequate’, it are layers that have become invisible in the final stage of the work. ODE TO THE ATTEMPT wants to give these stages that never saw daylight or would reach an audience a second life.

Because maybe the imperfect has another quality, that can be as valuable as the final product.

CONFETTI is an intriguing story that slowly unfolds itself and opens up different doors to a fantastic world. Balancing on a thin edge between phantasy and real life Micha Goldberg guides the audience through a couple of characters or destinies that together create a phragmentaric picture of the reality – a rain of confetti.