In Dub Love, a repertoire of reggae and Dancehall songs will be performed by three performers, Ana Pi, François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea together with DJ High Elements' mix. And all of this on pointe shoes.

Pointe shoes, as western classical dance fetish, have been used to challenge gravity and invent an ethereal and celestial body. Outside classical technique, it is also a fascinating tool, generating speed, height, balance, unbalance, lines.

Confronting on pointe to Jamaican music, very motivated by a need to go back to basics, to the earth, to peaceful and brotherly intentions, creates potential tension, a fiction, to get away from stereotypes related to those cultures. Far from resurrecting a classical body, they combine on pointe practice with soft religious dances (like candomblé) or vivid and urban (like dance hall). Through the sound system vibrations, the three bodies thus draw an abstract and detailed writing.