• Tanzung - Jan Decorte / CAMPO

    © Benoit


During the rehearsal process, the actors Sigrid Vinks and Tibo Vandenborre and dancer Taka Shamoto develop a range of varied material: movements, actions, excerpts from songs, etc. Decorte reacts to all this through dance improvisation, with the motto ‘taking every movement seriously’. He also wrote six poems about love in English in which he mainly emphasises lust and desire. The stage setting is austere as always: a table on which stands a sculpture depicting a sturdy bull.
Jan Decorte’s mastery lies above all in the simplicity he is repeatedly able to achieve in all the means he employs. His linguistic idiom is stripped down and unlike any other. The principle underlying the structure of his productions is repetition, as is also used in rituals, in ancient Greek theatre and in Japanese Noh theatre. However, he never uses this structure in a rigid way: his projects often exude an agreeable lightness.