• Turning Turning (a choreography of thoughts) - Sarah Vanhee, Frascati Producties & CAMPO

    © Anna van Kooij


In Turning Turning three performers try to give a voice to this stream that drives the here and now into the void of the so-called future. How to talk ahead of ones thoughts? How to be the horse while riding? How to escape the restraint of consistency? How to move inside language, unplanned, uncensored? How to say what one really thinks, here and now?

Turning Turning confronts questions concerning the very dynamism the human self is constructed by and constructing through language.

Performer, conceptual artist and writer Sarah Vanhee (1980, BE) has created a range of performances, books and events. Her work mixes performance, visual art and literature, fiction and reality. Several of her projects have been produced by Frascati Productions & CAMPO.