In his new work Julian Hetzel juxtaposes politics and art as tools to provide solutions to the challenges of the present. The result is an immersive experience about loss of control, leadership and power.

In a time marked by uncertainty and fear, populists score with simple and loud solutions that promise control and security. Contemporary art on the other hand, is concerned with questioning the circumstances, challenging existing power structures, revealing blind spots of politics while confronting audiences with their role in society. Mount Average combines these unequal concepts that aim to navigate through the challenges of the present – all in quest of a better future.

Tonight the theatre will not be the place to come and see, but it will be the place to discover our own blindness and to explore the possibilities of the blind leading the blind.

Mount Average is an invitation to close your eyes and plunge right into the unknown. An exercise in radical trust.


Premiere: 08/10/20, Actoral Marseille