A dirty portrait of purity

Mount Average is over the top. A project on the sterile theatre of politics and on dirty art in times of growing totalitarianism. A performance that explores how concepts of hygiene are applied to the current political discourse – between populism and political correctness. In his new work, theatre maker Julian Hetzel creates a dirty portrait of purity. On the way to the summit, Hetzel collects waste, invasive plants and other specimen of impurity.

With a forensic approach, Mount Average generates a creative collision between the big and the small, the micro and the macro; the elite of international politics and the precarious reality of domestic cleaners. How pure are the populist world leaders who claim that they will sweep the streets? How is the invisible army of domestic cleaners (that really keeps things in order) related to global power structures? What can actual dirt tell us about the European identity crisis? How does a nation keep itself clean? And why are pigs dirty?

Where there is dirt, there is a system. Where any kind of disorder is experienced, there exists a distinct notion of order that aims to clean the mess… And what is clean in relation to one thing may be unclean in relation to another, and vice versa. If there is no such thing as absolute dirt, it can only exist in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes one has to jump right into the mud to get the hands dirty!


Premiere: 08/10/20, Actoral Marseille