Theatre or therapy?

‘If cure is a choice, why not make it while sitting in the theatre? Why waste any more time on wanting to be ‘cultural’ when we could spend it on being ‘healthier’? Bang!

In I-Cure, Dimchev wants to solve both physical and psychological problems. The therapeutic effect depends on your determination, and on your print on the I-Cure card. Making reference to interactive TV shows, with images of palm-tree islands and crackling open fires, Dimchev, dressed in drag, seeks positive energy in music, dance, esotericism, spirituality, massage and sex. His Great Healing is extremely comical until the turning point, the almost unendurable catharsis at the end.

Mr. Dimchev may push taboos in his work, but his timing, his hushed, whispery asides and the two-way conversations uttered under his breath are virtuosic. - The New York Times

The Bulgarian Ivo Dimchev is an exuberant and charismatic performer who constantly tests the limits, including the system to which he himself belongs. In all his work he is the director, choreographer, writer, singer and performer.