During Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Gift Shop a temporary exhibition layer will descend in Kunsthal Ghent. Various contemporary art installations and beds are placed in the space to provide the accommodation for the performance artists that show their work at CAMPO victoria.

With artists and collectives such as

Leon de Bruijne
Lieselot Siddiki & Luka Lazhuli
Shervin Sheikh Rezaei
Juliet Merie & Charlotte Stuby
Helen Van de Vloet
Egon Van Herreweghe
Astrid Demaziere
Lara Grimmelprez
Olivier Goethals
Romain Tallet

Kunsthal Ghent becomes the reproductive zone of the festival, which is complemented by daily talks with Belgian artist organisation about current issues in our cultural landscape, and the ecology of the arts scene.
Engagement arts 
Engagement is an artist-led movement tackling sexual harassment, sexism and power abuse in the Belgian arts field. 
Lecture on Thursday 13/2 - 15:00 (duration: 2 hours)
Caveat is a collective research project reflecting and acting on the ecology of artistic practice.
Lecture on Friday 14/2 - 15:00 (duration 2 hours)

Curators Anonymous
Curators Anonymous, is a non-profit, non-affiliated association of curators in Belgium, founded in 2019 offering a platform for exchange on pressing issues affecting curators.
Lecture on Saturday 15/2 - 15:00 (duration 2 hours)

Free without reservation


Is part of the festival Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Gift Shop

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INFO & PROGRAM Ostentation Saturday