Explosion, discharge and change

As part of The (im)Possible Road, you can visit the exposition Aanslagen zonder gevolgen (Attacks without consequences) by Pieter Van den Bosch, at CAMPO victoria. In the fall of 2014, this performance artist set up a sequence of five attack situations. In each of them, he brought a hundred participants to a fire construction, as close as possible. In the exposition, you are surrounded by images of these ‘attacks’. Additionally, you can experience VARIATION #3 / Magnesium, the attack that Van den Bosch committed in October 2014 at CAMPO.


In contrast to journalism, that focuses on the content of an attack and is very often visually limited to the physical consequences, Van den Bosch turns to the usually inaccessible and imperceptible moment of the attack. What interests him, is bringing people close to the fire, that tempts and fascinates as well as it frightens. During his performances he confronts people with duality, in a safe setting. In this exposition, the moments of preparation, explosion, discharge and change are shown on video: stretched out, delayed and from different perspectives.

This activity is part of The (im)Possible Road, and can be visited on Fri 13.03 (19:00-22:00), Sat 14.03 (14:00-20:00), Sun 15.03 (11:00-17:00), Wed 18.03 (15:00-20:00), Fri 20.03 (19:00-22:00) & Sat 21.03 (14:00-20:00).