• Folks&Fools - Maxim Storms & Lobke Leirens

    © Kurt Van der Elst

In Folks&Fools, Leirens and Storms lead you through a timeless landscape. Under the spell of a fateful quest they must fulfill, the two of them follow each other through illusionary forgeries to an alien universe. Folks&Fools is a mysterious brew of medieval babble, cosmic schmoozing and agitated bourgeoisie.

Lobke Leirens and Maxim Storms previously made KROCHT, Another One and Happy Hour together. They are always in search of the absurd, switching effortlessly between humour and darkness. The worlds they explore are layered and uncertain. They aim for productive confusion without losing sensitivity.

Maxim Storms has been a resident at CAMPO several times and created his first solo performance there, Brother Blue. His artistic language springs from a web of musical pieces, jabber-talk monologues, abstract collages, fabulous choreographies, sculptures with sponge and brush, photos and portraits, sound and video fragments, and so on.


Language no problem / duration: 60'