• © Chloé Dhauwe

  • © Chloé Dhauwe

  • © Chloé Dhauwe

  • © Chloé Dhauwe

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After an exhibition on an ice rink (ON ICE) and the most particular wellness festival ENTER THROUGH THE VOID, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFTSHOP, Nein is back. Now at your home. With an online arts festival called DIAH (Do It At Home).

Over 30 artists are invited to make an online engagement with an audience from home, in search of a different kind of festival experience. By means of three open formats, Stories, Instructions and Mixtapes, Nein challenged these artists to step outside their comfort zone. Departing from their practice they share stories, music and exciting instructions for activities to experience at home. This can be done indoors or outdoors, alone or with roommates. In this way, a multitude of forms are created to see, hear and feel. You become the director of your own festival.


Stories told at home by artists in times of corona 
Where artists tell a story, fairytale or anecdote from their favorite author, read something from their own work, or talk about something that interests them.

By: Alex Deforce, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Btissame Bourrich, Dance Divine, Dounia Mahammed, Eva Binon, Sachli Gholamalizad, Simon Baetens/Electra, Stine Sampers en Violet Braeckman. 


Instructions to perform at home by artists in times of corona
Where artists come up with instructions to perform an activity / performance at home. You can perform for or together with your housemates, for the people in the street, in your garden, or from your balcony.

By: Cherish Menzo; Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier; Ferre Marnef; Jan Martens; Jhaya La Vogue; Juan Pablo Plazas; Katinka de Jonge; Mustaf Ahmeti; Benjamin Cools, Oshin Albrecht, Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost; Ria Pacquée en Vera Tussing.


Mixtapes to listen at home by artists in times of corona
Where artists play music for an hour and thus determine the atmosphere to create your own party at home, relax quietly during a warm bath, or as a soundtrack for one of the stories.

By: Alien Observer, Annalena Fröhlich / JAMES ¬‡,∫µ, Bolis Pupul, Capelo, goinkiki, Golce, Lara Chedraoui, M I M I, Mikamayonnaise, Nikomba en Nosedrip.


Digital applause
And it doesn't stop here, we also ask you as an audience to share photos or videos while you listen, perform, share, experience the work. In this way you return your missed appreciation, as a kind of digital form of applause.

The idea for DIAH is a follow-up to the Print at home coloring book by artists in times of corona, a project that originated during the first lockdown, in which 100 artists designed an image to print and color at home. This was warmly received and widely supported and disseminated by participating artists as well as museums and the press.

All info on nein.hotglue.me/?Archive