• In the Middle of Nowhere - Kristien De Proost / CAMPO
  • Kristien De Proost

    © Myriam Devriendt

  • Frederico Araujo


Why is the middle of the train always fuller than at the ends? 
Is the middle of the herd the safest place for every herd animal? 
Where does the average person live?
How do you determine the middle of the ocean?
What is the middle of infinity?

In In the Middle of Nowhere Kristien De Proost and the Brazilian Frederico Araujo focus on the paradox of the middle: how people want to belong to others and at the same time stand out from them. In a world increasingly governed by data, standards and averages, the theme is more relevant than ever.

It is a performance in which going along with the majority makes life easier.
In which popular songs become more popular because they are popular.
In which more and more people watch fewer and fewer YouTube videos.
In which people prefer to give the power to people who look like them.
Where critical thinking is purely economically loss-making because it demands computing power from the brain and eats up more energy than it brings in. 
In which the middle goes astray as the edges change. 
In which everything starts to move.

Is the middle synonymous with the norm? With uniformity? Is it radically opposed to nuance and variety? From their different backgrounds on both sides of the Atlantic, De Proost and Araujo reflect on the theme. The more they try to map out where the middle lies, the more infinite everything around it seems to be. 

Premiere: Sept 28 2022 at CAMPO Ghent