In Higher, three dancers explore clubdance as a means of celebrating who we are moving bodies, fundamentally alone yet connected in our desire to fuse together for just a while. Followed by an afterparty!

Higher is a dance ritual inspired and based on the experience of clubbing and club dancing. Such form of dance, which is not easily ascribed to any category, taking the cultural role of a social dance and also at times featuring various techniques, styles and influences, is extremely explicative of what ultimately is the purpose of dancing, intended as a human form of expression.

Philosopher Julia Kristeva once said: “As to be human embraced political, sexual, religious, familiar identity, we are undergoing a time of major identity crises. We need to find a language that transcends the human in order to overcome such crises and awake a new Renaissance. This language can be dance”. Rizzo interprets this cathartic power of dance, as it being a form of prayer and celebration of existence, and he found the club a place for such transcending activity, which entirely matches the often used association of clubs to churches, however obscured by the most common understanding of clubbing as a mere recreational activity.

In this performance, while trying to transfer the magical essence of the club in the theatrical/representational context of the black box, and trusting in dance as the practice that compensate for the fact that we can never be each other, we attempt in becoming one.

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