• Rabot 4-358 - Simon Allemeersch (Lucinda Ra)

    © Stefanie De Clercq

Ten years ago, before the demolition of the social housing blocks of Ghent's Rabot district, theatre-maker Simon Allemeersch set up his studio in one of the apartments for two years. In the studio he created a memory of 'the blocks'. Rabot 4-358 is a reconstruction of the story of the buildings and of Allemeersch's artist's studio, which he developed in collaboration with the residents during his stay.

Rabot 4-358 is a search for answers to simple questions. How is it that the first residents were viewed as show-off people and how was this able to change so quickly? Why was the only common area in the towers a mortuary? And who came up with the shape of these buildings? At the intersection of architecture, urban development, history and design, an inside-out documentary performance emerges about housing, economics, poverty, and f(r)iction(s).

A book and a video documentary have also appeared of Rabot 4-358. Through drawings, texts, photos and video, Simon Allemeersch, Jef Boes, Maarten De Vrieze, Eline Maeyens and Sofie Van der Linden try to visualize and put into words the human memory of the blocks.

In Dutch / duration: 115'

Presentation: Voo?uit & CAMPO