• Life Is A Rehearsal (werktitel) - toonmoment Frankie

Laguna Beach (2019), Frankie’s first and well received show, proved that their installation-like universe is not only musical, but also builds on a strong visual language (think puppets made of paper tape, messy live animations, self-made cardboard maquettes and motorized objects). For their new performance with the working title Life Is A Rehearsal, the Frankie crew turns its attention to the futile, fruitlessly trying man because "it's not easy being human", as filmmaker Roy Andersson put it. They start with observations of the urban fellow man in public space. With predominantly analog recording material such as video and cassette recorders at hand, they register the ordinary, the beauty of the banal, human naiveté, but also their boredom and fears. This creates an audiovisual anthropological archive that forms the basis for a new, selfmade world populated by puppets, where visual material, music, installation and performance merge.

On October 28, after a month of work, they organise a first viewing: showing / work in progress: Thursday October 28, 19:00, CAMPO victoria

Free with reservation: info@campo.nu
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