Meine Sehrverehrten !
Meine Herrschaften !
Ladies and Gentlemen !
Mesdames et Messieurs !
Heute Abend !
Tonight !
Gesang !
Tanz !
Humor !
Music !
Eigenes Haussballett !!!!

't Schoon Vertier takes you on a marvellous cabaret trip.
Way up to Bamville and back.
Meet Miss Missy, Velvet Midget, Minnie The Moocher and lots of other
unforgettable characters. 
Master of Cabaret Bobby Prinz hits the floor and the Big Band goes bananas.

Follow us into our crazy journey.
We are going to heaven of Memory !
Today is the good old times of Tomorrow.

Drinks and cocktails before and after the show !!

TICKETS: Uitbureau Gent