8+ / free for kids younger than 12 years

On the Kunstendag voor Kinderen (Arts day for children), we present Slow Sports Kids, a playful dance performance with five performers. In 2012, Spanish choreographer Albert Quesada made Slow Sports out of nostalgia for the team spirit he felt when playing soccer as a kid, an experience so different from watching soccer on television.And because sports are one of the few things children and adults can equally enjoy. It offers a different perspective on sports, but also on dance. Sometimes you'll feel the urge to cheer for the dancers.

Sprinting, shouting, watching your teammate pass the ball and the keeper dive, heading on goal, screaming your heart out. Or: putting the television louder, taking a sip, swearing, getting on the edge of your seat, jumping up, screaming your heart out.

A boxer who, by a few millimetres, evades the knock-out blow. A swimmer gliding effortlessly through the water. But also: a wave traveling through the crowd in a stadium. Slow Sports Kids does not only show the beauty of sports movements, but also the action reaction game between athletes, reporters and the audience.

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