• GRADUATION KASK Drama: Two Peasants Looking Up

In the beginning there was nothing
and something fell out of that nothingness. 


In Two Peasants Looking Up, two figures enter an empty space. They whistle, forecast, probe, stumble and scruple. They shelter each other in a place where everything seems to be falling down. Has gravity gone insane there?

Entering the empty ring with their hands in their pockets and working “with nothing” – this is the essence of the circus clown. – Tristan Remy

The research was inspired by some (non-scientific) testimonies of meteorite incursions in the late Middle Ages in England. Meteorite studies didn’t exist until the early 1800s. Before that, meteorite incursions were considered unworthy of study. In fact, they were mostly seen by people who worked outside. 

Two Peasants Looking Up is the graduation project (KASK Drama) of Senne Vanderschelden.  


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