• Nuggets - Maxim Storms

    © Maxim Storms


“Now only an expert can deal with the problem 
cause half the problem is seeing the problem.” 
- Laurie Anderson 

In his new solo NUGGETS, Storms creates a cramped universe where one last soul stubbornly models existence further. Through crumbling construction and fatal repair, the character attempts to reach the undefined goal.  

In this physical solo, Storms (de)constructs the individual holding his own in a contemporary 'we-want-more' society on speed. He does this in his (vaunted) grotesque playing style and with his (distinctive and unique) rhythmic language constructions.  

In his previous solo Brother Blue, Storms designed a dodgy landscape in which the protagonist loses his tail. In NUGGETS, he goes a step further and radically remodels the main character's remnants of existence. In all his work, Storms gives voice to characters who "try or verbalise impossibility". NUGGETS will be a new stage in that quest. 


60 minutes (can still change)
Free for Subbacultcha members