Put yourself at the control button and decide what happens on stage. PRESS Play. takes you into an interactive performance that plays with the delicious/ treacherous freedom of a virtual world full of hidden algorithms.

Decide what you want to see on stage.
You can decide how the world changes on stage. Which way the story goes and what happens to the characters.
Audience becomes player becomes audience.

Increasingly, you direct your own world.
On social media, you decide what you get to see and what you don't.
More and more, all of us and the world around us seem 'makeable'.
This brings with it a false sense of control and, above all, a great sense of responsibility: surely you can choose who you are? Or does it only seem that way? Do you manipulate things yourself, or are you being manipulated?
And what happens when it turns out you're not the only one with a remote control?
Is there also a pause button?

In PRESS Play. playField. and KOPERGIETERY go in search of the land behind all the avatars. To the hidden algorithms that secretly make you choose a direction.

Time for fiery resistance?
Come and play...