After the success of Terminator Too, with an ode to film history raised from cardboard decors and hilarious dialogue, Robbert Vervloet goes SOLO. With his own imagination as his biggest inspiration.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman? A football player? Mum or dad? Influencer? Or still a pilot? Anything is possible on the playground. Children let their imagination run wild and set the rules of the game themselves. Too bad we have to curb that imagination over the years. You have to be straight, mean something in society, put bread on the table, be successful. Ever since high school, we are pushed into that straitjacket. But what if you don't fit that mould?

SOLO is about the search for your own identity. Using the superpowers of the playground, the main character figures out who he wants to be.

SOLO becomes a mad dash through the world of career choices, agencies, counters, work floors, dreams and ambitions.

Robbert Vervloet takes you into his hyperfantastic* world, in which a character tries to get a grip on who he is - or at least thinks he should be. In all his childlike fantasy, things already fail grandiosely, but the impossible also becomes possible. A quest that oscillates between reality and fantasy.

*Hyperfantasy, it exists. Google it.