Some Girls Want to Go to Europe is a poetic travelogue through black Europe. At the request of the EUROPALIA TRAINS & TRACKS festival, slam poet and musician Lisette Ma Neza traveled from Brussels along Paris to Marseille, from Barcelona to Madrid to Lisbon, and then back to Brussels to jump on the train to Berlin. Using Johny Pitts' book Afropean as a travel guide, she went in search of the African diaspora on the European continent.

Who are we? Where are we? And where do we come from? Questions about home, family, intergenerational history, love, life, Europe and Africa, she asked not only to herself, but also to the people with African roots she met on her journey. Known and unknown. During the trip Lisette Ma Neza wrote new poems and songs and documented conversations aurally and visually.

In the performance all sides of the Afro-European story come together in a mixture of art forms: music, poetry, dance, painting and sound fragments. Lisette Ma Neza seals the evening together, slamming and singing. She is accompanied by her Poetry Band. They take us into her world, her feelings, her story and ours. Together we experience her journey.

In English and Dutch / 75 minutes