Did a dinosaur walk around here once, way way back?
Were dinosaurs actually giant chickens?
What does a prehistoric omelet taste like?
Are all dinosaurs extinct?
Where did all those dead dinosaurs go?
Pulverized into sand?
Are there dino particles in the sandbox at school?
Between my toes?
In my teeth?
Are there dino particles in me?
And am I a dino, too?

Jonas and Mats sneak into a child's head. They go in search of the everyday wonder that the smallest children and the greatest philosophers share with each other. Gradually, they get caught up in hairy concoctions, polygonal frames of mind, and unforeseen twists of thought.

Bambiraptor, a witty celebration of the child's mind that can't stop spinning.

In Dutch / 60 minutes / Age: 8+


**** An exceptionally creative and image-rich youth performance, in which playing with language becomes an art. An unpretentious ode to fantasy.
HET NIEUWSBLAD, Magali Degrande

**** The performance is sparkling in language and image, in the tight rhythm between movement and dwelling on things. (...) Long live the magic of fantasy!