• Nein / Sc(è)ne #6 - Movements of Soul / Christian Yav
  • Nein / Sc(è)ne #6 - Movements of Soul / Christian Yav
  • Portrait Christian Yav
  • Nein presenteert Sc(è)ene #6: THE WOMAN DESTROYED / Courtney May Robertson

    © Loes Schakenbos

  • Nein presenteert Sc(è)ene #6: THE WOMAN DESTROYED / Courtney May Robertson

    © Reyer Boxem

During Sc(è)ene #6 Nein will present two solos by two amazing performers who have been friends for years: Courtney May Robertson & Christian Yav.
Both artists are known in the dance world as performers in the work of Florentina Holzinger, Jan Martens, Krisztina de Chatel and Dunja Jocic. Courtney May Robertson will present her performance THE WOMAN DESTROYED where software manipulates her movements in order to fight her urge for control. Christian Yav will present Movements of Soul in which music, fashion and dance merge. "The message that is given through movement is a co-operation between the realm above us and the one that we're in."



THE WOMAN DESTROYED is a solo performance in which Courtney May Robertson (whom you might have seen before as a dancer in work by Jan Martens) looks at the complexities of submission and resistance. In an attempt to stage uncertainty, audiences are invited to experience the unfolding of events simultaneously with May Robertson, as she responds to the demands of a digital system in real time. Sound programming and computational linguistics determine part of the performance live, rendering the outcome unique each time it is presented. May Robertson uses this digital system as a tool to create a climate in the space that evokes precariousness and true vigilance. THE WOMAN DESTROYED seeks to open up questions concerning choice, bodily autonomy and elusive systems of control.

55 minutes / In English

Movements of Soul

The Congolese movement artist Christian Yav (1993, Belgium) has worked throughout the years Yav as a dancer with various choreographers in the contemporary dance field. He was also featured as an artist for Mixte Paris, Highsociety, I-D, Dazed, Glamcult and Numero Netherlands. Yav worked as a model with brands like Armani and Marc Jacobs. Mid-2018 Christian started his career as a choreographer. In 2020 Yav was mentioned in the 'NRC TOP 101' of upcoming talent in the category Dance. Yav also worked as a movement director for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Daily Paper. At CAMPO he will present Movements of Soul.

40 minutes / In English