• Candide - Bjorn Floréal & Laurens Aneca

    © Olivier De Vos

Winner Roel Verniers Prize 2022

Bjorn Floréal & Laurens Aneca look into the popular teen or twink porn that exists within digital spaces: a genre in which (adult) porn stars do their utmost to sell their viewers an underage experience. To what extent is a youthful body orgasmic capital? 

In their search for points of reference, they came across Voltaire's Candide: a satirical adventure novel in which the young Candide suffering from a burn-out goes on a quest in the world and is subjected to horrific deeds at lightning speed. Importantly, Candide embodies total innocence and faces the world with an endearingly naive optimism. Voltaire ends this issue of optimism with the well-known quote "Il faut cultiver son jardin".

Free with reservation*

This performance might contain pornography, sexual abuse, drug abuse and nudity.