The Impact Gatherings are a Ghent particle accelerator for all those who want things to move forward, better and different. Before noon, you will have a head full of new ways to innovate. By the speakers on stage, but also by the people in the room.

At this sixth edition, Arthur Folkmann Costa is speaker on duty. As co-founder of Silveira Tech, he has been working for many years around innovative ecosystems and creating and managing communities and human-centred innovation.

Silveiratech aims to build a bridge between innovation and nature. Two abandoned villages in central Portugal were transformed into regenerative places to live and work. Its aim is not to change the world, but to show a way. A way back to a symbiotic relationship with nature and each other. A way in which we use technology and human connections to bring our systems - from socio-economic systems to business models - into a new paradigm. Let's create the future together?

The lecture will be followed by the workshop RegenerAction Design: Transformative Tools for Ourselves and Communities. In this workshop, João Coelho, regenerative designer, facilitator and communicator of Silveiratech, will present a set of practical and theoretical tools you can use to confidently launch regenerative design in your own life and environment. Together, we will get the ball rolling towards a regenerative society!


Timing - after Impact Gathering #6 (9h), on 8/02 from 10h45-12h45.
Location - Campo Boma, Bomastraat 35, 9000 Ghent
Tickets - 50 euros including materials and coffee - free for students.
The workshop (and lecture) will be held in English.


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